Codeigniter, Laravel Development

Codeigniter was designed to develop loaded web application and is a community-powered PHP framework that has a really small impact. The main motive of Smartz Minds professionals behind offering Codeigniter and Laravel development services is to help companies create projects quickly and have an abundant pair of libraries for frequently required tasks.

Codeigniter is the right MVC framework with almost zero error, encouraging coding rules, exceptional performance, thorough documentation, no requirement of using a command line and more.

In today’s competitive business scenario, Codeigniter is the most popular framework that comes with inherent benefits. It allows the user to have a trouble free, easy to modify and user-friendly website according to their business requirements. Codeigniter and Laravel Development allow seamless database integration making it an asset in PGP application development project.

Features of Codeigniter, Laravel Development

A bundle of features allows easy application, modifications, and additions.

Faster Development

Codeigniter give access to rich libraries for common coding which makes it easy to do away with the need to write code from scratch. It makes it easy to build dynamic sites at a faster pace.


Codeigniter and Laravel Development allow hosting various PHP versions and takes up less configuration to build a website. It also supports connection to multiple providers.

MVC Pattern

Codeigniter works on the central concept of MVC Pattern which offers great ease, enhanced development process, and authentic convention.


It is compatible with advanced PHP framework and thus gives developers the freedom to work on different platforms.

Extensive support

It is open for video tutorials, extensive user guides, and forums for inbuilt helpers, ongoing support, and cookies history.

Zero complexity

Codeigniter and Laravel Development does not require any command line, zero programming language and avoids large-scale monolithic libraries to create templates.

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